David Salinas Reaction

  1. What did David mean by “content is king”? He meant that in today’s world we have so many propaganda, articles and information within reach that it is not enough to write about something, it has to have value and attract the costumer. For example, the campaign he did with Barney’s was all about how to portray the content to the costumer so they engaged into the dynamic. If his team just put the information out there without cleverness and aiming to the costumer, the campaign wouldn’t have had success. He wanted people to see not only that they look great, but also that they are useful.

“One of the exciting things about the Internet is that anyone with a PC and a modem can publish whatever content they can create. In a sense, the Internet is the multimedia equivalent of the photocopier. It allows material to be duplicated at low cost, no matter the size of the audience.” -Bill Gates. All content should be original even if it is inspired by other designers or sources. Most of the Marketing Content happens in social media, where people are spending most of their times nowadays. Sources: Why content is king in today’s marketingContent is King by Bill Gates, and Why Content Marketing Is King.

2. What about David’s story from growing up in a basement apartment in Queens to becoming a company that embarks on innovation could you relate to and why? I come from a very small country, where Graphic Design is not fully developed yet. I grew up in a stable family, but I grew up basically in a small town because that’s how El Salvador feels: like a small town where you know everybody. Finding a job there is very hard because there are too many people for such a small country. He is from Queens and he was limited too, maybe not for the same reasons, but he was. I understand the difficulties of moving to somewhere else and start building yourself a career.

I admire the way he is because when someone grows up in a small town, they tend to be more humble and down to earth. He started working at age 12 because he wanted to have nice stuff for himself and he knew he could get them for himself because his family was tight economically. He was smart as to know how to hustle at a young age and that helped him be where he is now because if he wants something he goes after it. Today, he can provide for his family the way he always wanted to and I want to do the same; I want to spoil my parents because they have done so much for me they deserve some luxury.

He started with $150 for an office and with a website of 450 pages, that inspires me because you do not have to have a lot from the start, you can build yourself up and achieve a lot like working for pepsi and major even lady gaga.

3. David talked about his mentor, who committed to investing in Digital Surgeons but died before he could follow through. He said the greatest advice he’d ever gotten was from this man—“Fast nickels are better than slow dimes.” What did this mean? How might you relate this to your own life? It means that sometimes you have to take a risk when you want something and even if you get little amounts of moneys, sometimes is better than getting a large sum of money. It is good to aim for the millions, but aiming for a couple of hundreds from different investors can actually make you a lot of money in the end because you will have incoming money from different sources and not for just one time. Now he has invested in little companies that have grown and he is getting currency from all of them even though he is the head of a successful company.

I think I can relate to it in the sense that, yes, I wish I had a lot of money right now because it would be easier for me to have my own graphic design studio, but getting experience from different places and building myself up from zero would be better.

4. Name two things you learned in this lecture. What did you discover? I learned that you can get experience from whatever you do, and it might help you in the future. No matter where you work, even if it is not in your major or what you like, you are getting experience from it and that is very important. “One mistake I see all the time in this scenario is calling out your lack of experience for the hiring manager. You might not even notice you’re doing it. The reason this mistake is easy to make is because it seems like a seamless transition from why you’re interested in the position into how you are qualified beyond the typical relevant work experience recruiters look for. Problem is, when you write this, you’re essentially saying that you’re not a great hire, that you’re not quite the right fit for the role, or even that you would be starting from square one.” Never say you are not good for something, everyone had to learn their job skills and you can too. Another great way of getting your first job is volunteering; you are not only helping a cause you might like, but also building up experience. Sources: How to Get a Job When You Don’t Have Much ExperienceDear Job Seekers: Stop Apologizing for the Experience You Don’t Have, and 4 tips to find a job with no work experience.

I also learned that social media is the new media of this century. Social media is so successful we are on them every single day, whether it’s just to check a post or to actually engage with friends and family, it is ever present in our daily lives. Today with smartphones it is even more easy to be on social media because you always have your phone with you whereas before you had to wait to get home to get on Facebook or Myspace.  Companies that engage on social media with their costumers are often seen as friendly and reliable. Also, since we spend a lot of time on social media, companies have started to put ads on them. For example, if I log in to Facebook and scroll down my timeline, eventually I will see and ad for clothes, celebrity news, and pretty much anything that I have been browsing on the internet. Social media is a smart way of targeting audiences. Sources: 5 Tips For Dominating With Your Business Page On Facebook Right NowThe Political Power of Social Media, and What Is Social Media Marketing?



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